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I guess we could send Easter cards?

So, I totally intended to send out Christmas cards to our family & friends.. & then I intended to send New Year's cards. Suddenly January is half over & I STILL haven't ordered anything?

Mostly this post is to let you know we love you all. :)

We're loving life & the oodles of events we've been a part of lately. I want to share more with you (& a cute picture, of course) so I still am planning to send something your way in the next couple months. Alex doesn't like to make "committal statements," so I'm following his example here so all y'all don't start watching your mailboxes for a note from these Asay's!

Happy mid-January, everybody!

-Mrs Mallory Asay


a foto tour : downtown

Welcome to #304!

This week marks 4 months in our downtown apartment & I'm FINALLY getting around to posting a photo tour! I'm especially excited about it because I haven't taken down the (minimal) Christmas decorations.

We are definitely enjoying the adventures of "city-living" in our new place. There hasn't been a single restaurant we've tried that we wouldnt' go back to.. Particularly the 5 sushi places within walking distance! I've been disciplined enough that I can still count on both hands how many times I've been to the Starbucks 1 block away, although I really love visiting the friends there I used to work with.

I thought grocery shopping would be more of a hassle than it has been. Hauling uber heavy bags across the street is a drag, but generally I can just park in front of the building, unload, & then put my car in the garage. I try to plan to shop on my way home from work or on the weekends, but in a pinch, we love the convenience of Patrick's Market only 2 blocks away!

So, here it is!!!


From the entryway:


Better view of the kitchen..

The ever awkward bathroom pic & entering our bedroom as you turn to the left:


& a view from inside the closet.. Ha





We've had a fantastic (& VERY busy) holiday season & I hope you all have too. Hope you enjoyed the tour! (Of course if you want to come for a real one, you're all welcome!)

Sending love your way, 

-Mrs Mallory Asay



last night's concert

Hey, everybody!

So, we've been in our new downtown abode for 1 1/2 weeks now & we LOVE it! We're still pretty far from settled, but I've just come to accept that it's just gonna take some time before every little thing has its place again. I'm not ready to show you yet, but once we get some things moved into storage I'll post a photo tour.

One thing I didn't expect (& neither of us realized) was the fact that our apartment is directly across the street from the bar Whiskey Tango. The 1st few nights were a little rough, but just like I got used to Alex's precious snoring when we first got married, we've already learned to let it lull us to sleep. Last night Casey James played & it sounded like he was putting on the concert right in our living room!! I told Alex I'd like to get to know the owner of the bar & suggest he bring in ColdPlay sometime. :)

The farmers market is just lovely & we definitely appreciate the convenience of having a grocery store only a block away. (That came in handy last night when we suddenly needed some suture strips while I was making dinner. No worries though, I didn't do too much damage.. :S) We're very anxious to try out some more of the restaurants in the Old Market & maybe I can get Alex to give a review on the new places we visit!

HUGE thank you to our friends & family for your help last week:
Erin, Julia, Ashlie, Ted & Sylvia, Aaron & Katie (we might not have eaten last weekend if you didn't feed us, K!).

Keep an eye out & maybe I'll write ANOTHER post this month! :)

-Mrs Mallory Asay


Oh, my goodness it's August!

Hey, family & friends..

We're alive! :D

I'm sitting at Whole Foods enjoying a delicious lunch & decided to take 5 mins to give you the flash version of what life had been like for us Asay's:

In April I started a new job! I'm an executive administrator & the travel coordinator for a nation-wide property management company. It has been QUITE a new experience even from day to day.

Alex's job has been going great & the only interview question I'm allowed to post is "Do you like it?" To which he replied, "It's the least stressful job I've ever had." (& he does like it!)

In July we spent 5 days in Phoenix visiting my mom's family. All of her siblings were there too making it the 1st time since 2005 we've all been together!

Last month we signed the lease for a brand new downtown apartment & we couldn't be more thrilled for this new experience!! We move over Labor Day weekend & have slowly started the dreaded packing process.

Ok, 5 minutes is up! Miss & love you all!!

-Mrs Mallory Asay


my March in photos


I finished the March photo challenge! I liked it so much that I think I just might do it again in May.